APRC: Payment System: Step One

Agricultural Plastics Recycling Conference & Trade Show

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Please scroll through this list of items, and choose the one for which you'd like to provide payment.  You will have the opportunity to choose multiple items and/or change your desired quantities.

Please Note: Your charge will appear on your credit card statement under the name of ASSOC.CONF.MGT.LLC

Conference Lunch/Dinners
 APRC 2017: Spouse Lunch/Reception Registration $47.00 
Conference/Workshop Registrations
 APRC 2017: VIP Package Registration $497.00 
 APRC 2017: Regular Registration $397.00 
 APRC 2017: Farmers/Government/NonProfits Registration $297.00 
 APRC 2017: Moderator/Speaker Fee $127.00 
 APRC 2017 and WCTC 2017: Upgrade $100.00 
 APRC 2017: Exhibit Booth Registration $1,297.00 
 APRC 2017: Additional Exhibit Representative Registration $217.00 
 APRC 2016: Gold Sponsor $2,500.00 
 APRC 2016: Silver Sponsor $1,500.00 
 APRC 2017 Sponsorship $1,000.00 


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